Three Reasons To Choose Our CDM Principal Designer Training In The UK

Maintaining a safe and competent construction site requires a wide range of planning and organisation. The only way to fully understand your role and the responsibilities your job title harnesses is by receiving professional training from a trusted provider. Synergie Training offer both onsite customised and public CDM Principal Designer Training courses which will improve your competency and the safety of your construction site.

Our APS accredited CDM Principal Designer Training courses are trusted throughout the UK. Here are three reasons to choose our CDM Principal Designer Training course at Synergie Training:

  • Professional courses: Our team at Synergie Training are the UK’s leading provider of Principal Designer’s courses. If you’re moving into this role or looking to improve your skills, our expert courses are ideal.
  • Comprehensive two-day training: The in-depth CDM Principal Designer Training course we offer at Synergie Training will give you the toolset to act as a Principal Designer and by passing the exam at the end of the course you will have proved competence in the role of the Principal Designer.
  • APS accredited: The Association for Project Safety have accredited our CDM Principal Designer Training in the UK. Comprehensive and experienced training scheme which will be suited to your needs.

If you’d like to find out more about our range of courses at Synergie Training, get in contact with us.