NEC Courses Online and in the UK

NEC contracts are prevalent across the world as they help to delineate the problems and risks of a construction or engineering project from the very beginning to the end. This strategy is only available when the framework of NEC Contract training is applied to the specific project.

At Synergie Training all our NEC Online Courses are ready for you to enrol on to better your job opportunities and improve your chance of moving up the ladder. For important projects across the construction and engineering industries, it’s integral that you can call upon a professional team each time.

Our NEC3 and NEC4 training courses are administered across the UK for a wide range of individuals and groups. They will give you the tools to succeed in any job role that utilises the legal framework of NEC and allows you to improve how you approach problems relating to an NEC contract. We will choose the right tutor for each NEC3 or NEC4 course, who will have specific industry experience in the area of the course, across the UK to give you the best chance of improving your knowledge.

No matter what level you’re at, whether you’ve ever enrolled on an NEC contract course or not, we can help you. To find out more about our range of NEC online courses, speak to our team today.