Project Management Consultancy

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Synergie Training specialises in project management consultancy working with organisations that design, build and manage capital infrastructure assets. Our core skills are in civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering combined with specialist project and contract management capability. We work directly for clients or as part of a multi-disciplinary team.

Our current portfolio of projects includes onshore wind, hydro, wave and tidal energy projects as well as buildings and marine engineering works. Our staff have previously worked on a number of significant bespoke projects including the European Marine Energy Centre in Orkney, the Isle of Eigg Electrification, Centre for Health Science in Inverness and the Fair Isle Bird Observatory.

With our expertise particularly in NEC forms of contract that we have used and promoted for over half a decade, we act as Contract Managers and Contract Advisors to a variety of clients from public and private sectors.

We also partner with a global leader in online business applications to support successful delivery and management of built assets (Conject), to tailor a bespoke software package to meet the criteria and deadlines laid down in the NEC.

Synergie believes that the partnering ethos that is intrinsic to NEC, if adopted by all parties to the contract, ensure that the maximum energy is focused on delivering a project rather than defending positions or interpreting clauses. This is to the mutual benefit of all parties involved.

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