*New* Operation & Maintenance of Water, Effluent and Sludge Treatment Plants

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Operation & Maintenance of Water Training

Course Outline (3 Day Course)

Stage 1 – Sewerage systems & pumping stations

• Surface water and foul sewerage systems
• Combined sewer overflows
• Duty/standby/assist pumps & the level control systems
• Effects of Hydrogen Sulphide corrosion
• Need for confined space protocols & effect of methane, petroleum products, oxygen scavengers etc.
• Odour control
• Lifting and maintenance of pumps

Stage 2 Preliminary Treatment

• Screens: installation, controls, wash water systems, effects of grease
• Grease removal: systems and operating principles
• Grit removal: systems and operating principles

Stage 3 Primary settlement

• Reason for installation of primary settlement and simple design criteria, retention time, hydraulic loading etc.
• Radial flow , horizontal flow, imhoff tanks and lamella settlers
• Importance of effective scum boards and central baffles
• Effects of rising sludge
• Auto & manual desludging and why it is important that desludging is done correctly.

Stage 4 Biological treatment

• Function of biological treatment stage introducing concepts of BOD, COD & Ammonia.
• Filters
• Motor driven distributors, siphon dosing
• Routine operational issues such as sparge hole cleaning & rotation mechanism of distributors and air flow through media.
• Flies & other nuisances
• Activated Sludge: simple design principles, operation, daily tests

Stage 5 Secondary Settlement

• Reason for installation of secondary settlement and revisiting simple design criteria discussed in primary settlement stage.
• Radial flow , horizontal flow and lamella settlers
• Settlement problems , symptoms effects & solutions
• Humus sludge co settlement
• Re emphasis on the importance of correct de-sludging techniques.
• Daily tasks to be undertaken. Why there is a need to clean channels, weirs, scum boxes etc.

Stage 6 Tertiary Treatment

• Reasons for use and typical processes employed including Reed beds, Grass plots, CSF’s, RGF’s , lagoons
• Each process will be described along with simple design criteria and daily operational tasks which need to be employed to ensure that such process units work effectively & efficiently.

Stage 7 Auxiliary units

A “catch all” stage discussing the principles & simple design criteria of process units which do not fit into the above, for example;
• Wash water units
• Odour control systems
• Process control systems
• Monitoring and sampling issues.

Stage 8 Sludge

• Sources, characteristics, effect of mixing/co-settling
• Disposal options, including treatment prior to disposal

Stage 9 Sludge thickening

• Flocculants & coagulants
• Principles of dosing, including test  techniques , CST etc)
• Belt presses, centrifuges and filter presses. Including simple design criteria and daily operational tasks.
• Effective & correct return of sludge liquors to the works flow.

Stage 10 Sludge treatment

Looking at :
• Mesophilic and thermophillic anaerobic digestion
• Lime conditioning
• Composting
• Fluidised bed Incineration
• Vermiculture
• Willow coppice treatment

Including a description of how each process works ,simple design criteria and the routine operational tasks required with each process.

Stage 11 Health and Safety and Environmental

A discussion of the wide ranging risks to health & safety encountered on a waste water treatment works and the precautions which must be taken.

Duration: 3 Days

Cost: £995 + VAT


Effluent and Sludge Treatment Plant Training UK, Scotland, England, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, India, Ghana and Nigeria is also available.

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