A Comparison of JCT 2005 & NEC3 in Practice

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JCT Training


This course is an in-depth, practical comparison between the latest versions of JCT and NEC.

Delegates will leave with the following benefits:

* An in-depth understanding of both forms
* Awareness of the practical implications of both forms to live projects
* Knowledge of risk, time and quality control procedures under each form
* Understand the practical impact on teams of using JCT2005 or NEC3

Course programme:

High-level comparison Covers the historical backgrounds, drafting principles, suite of contracts available, drafting logic and structure of the two forms of contract.

Risk management Compares the approach of JCT2005 and NEC3 towards risk management and the practical implications.

Time control This session reviews each contracts approach towards management of the programme. Practical examples are provided to help reinforce the key differences.

Quality control Addresses the key differences in terminology, approach and drafting requirements.

Cost control Differentiates between Variations and Compensation Events. The session also covers the differing approach to deadlines/timescales for closing out.

Summary & open forum

Course duration: 1 Day

Cost: £245 + VAT

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