Find Professional And Expert NEC3 Contract Training In The UK

Securing any contract in the construction industry means having the ability and experience to turn it into a fruitful development. Knowing how to manage a construction job from start to finish is an integral attribute and Synergie Training have a range of NEC3 Contract training courses to suit all levels. We have courses that vary from beginner level all... more

Three Reasons You Need To Try Our NEC4 Training Courses

With NEC releasing their new range of contracts, it’s important that you realise the importance of the changes that will impact on your role. The alterations made to NEC3’s suite of contracts will allow you to evolve your knowledge. At Synergie Training, we provide NEC 4 training courses across the United Kingdom. We run courses across Scotland in... more

Discover Professional NEC3 Contract Courses In The UK

NEC3 is a legal framework of project management procedures designed to handle all aspects of the management of engineering and construction projects.  At Synergie Training, we host a number of NEC3 contract courses across the UK for you. As the leader in providing NEC3 contract courses in Scotland, we provide training in every NEC contract available... more

Find The Best Temporary Works Training In The UK

When you’re looking to train your staff or yourself, it’s integral to choose a team with a proven track record. At Synergie Training, we provide Temporary Works public training courses across Scotland and onsite courses throughout the UK with some of the highest exam and customer feedback results in the industry. All our CITB Supervisor and... more

Professional NEC3 Contract Training

As the lead provider of NEC3 training in Scotland, our team at Synergie Training are always looking to update our courses to keep you up to date with the latest changes in regulations. Our range of NEC3 contract training is great for beginners and advanced level participants. Our courses run across the United Kingdom regularly, or can be tailored to suit... more

Invest In One Of Our Scaffold Inspection Courses Today

If you are looking to learn more about scaffolding, you might find our scaffold inspection courses of interest. With these courses, you will learn about scaffolding terminology, how to work to the correct health and safety standards, as well as studying scaffolding techniques. The course lasts only 2 days and there are several scheduled throughout the rest... more

CDM 2015 Training Courses

Construction, Design and Management Regulations, also known as CDM, are the legal requirements and regulations that define managing the health, safety and welfare of construction projects. Our CDM 2015 training courses from Synergie Training comprehensively detail updates to the 2007 regulations. Our one-day CDM overview course will teach anyone involved... more

Temporary Works Supervisor Course

Temporary Works training encompasses several jobs that are important to the overall running of any site. Synergie Training, is where you will find the CITB accredited Temporary Works supervisor course among other accredited courses. The supervisor course is available across the UK in many cities, such as; Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness, Bristol... more


With new contracts being added to existing NEC legislation, it’s important that you stay ahead of the curve for NEC training. The new one-day workshop at Synergie Training, NEC4, will teach and update you on two main contracts being implemented soon. Our one-day workshops are available throughout Scotland, London, Birmingham and Manchester but we are... more

Scaffold Inspection & Scaffold Erection Courses

Understanding how to spot mistakes in scaffolding and how to ensure that staff are kept safe during their time on the scaffolding requires a keen eye for detail. At Synergie Training, we provide scaffolding inspection and scaffold erection courses which can help improve your grasp of the structures from a managerial, staff or foreman point of view. Our... more

NEC4 training

This year brings about changes to existing contracts which are applied in the form of NEC4 training. With evolving times and changes to the industry, it was necessary to provide an up-to-date training course including the two new contracts. At Synergie Training, you can stay abreast of the changes with our courses starting in 2017. We offer courses all... more

Oil And Gas Training

Ensuring that you are fully-trained to deal with anything related to oil and gas can give you a huge boost of job opportunities and promotions. At Synergie Training, our oil and gas training is perfect to provide an overarching range of courses to complement any venture into the oil and gas profession. Our Synergie Oil and Gas Training courses are... more

CITB Temporary Works

Temporary works can spring up anywhere, and are an engineered solution to either: support or protect an existing structure, support an item of a plant or equipment, support an excavation or provide access. At Synergie Training, we provide CITB Temporary Works training to give you the qualifications to become a co-ordinator or supervisor. We offer a wide... more

CDM Training

As one of the leading providers of CDM training in the United Kingdom, our team at Synergie Training are dedicated to supplying our clients with up-to-date information and expertise. We offer public courses all over the UK, including; London, Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness, Newcastle, Nottingham, Sheffield,... more

Project Management Courses

Are you searching for project management courses in the UK or abroad? Put your faith in Synergie Training to give you the accreditation to become a project manager. Based in Inverness, Scotland, we are one of the leading IT, Construction and Infrastructure training companies in the UK. Our Construction and Infrastructure training is well-renowned and we... more